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Östregård's Antique - and flea market in Moheda, 55 Km       www.ostregard.se
Moheda Östregård is a haven for bargain buyer. Here you can find both antique and used goods. The store is 1,500 square meters. There are both large and small, old and new items. In fine weather, the farm is used as a showroom for furniture outside. Each week, the shelves filled with new things. The goods have been purchased at auctions and from the estates. Take a tour and see what is offered. Open Sundays from April to September 12-18. Will You make really good bargains, you need to set you in the queue just before the inlet at 12 and then quickly pick it for you, you are interested in. All goods are price marked with the price applicable and it pays to haggle. When you bargain-hunting course you can enjoy a cup of coffee with plenty snacks in the small garden with trees full of old antique coffee cups hanging in the trees.


Kvarnamåla auction service, 38 km                                           www.kvarnamala.se
In Kvarnamåla conducted auctions on the old-fashioned way. The goods coming from all or parts of the estates. Summertime conducted the auction every Sunday. The company is a family business where the whole family helps in the auctions. A hired auctionman, shouts out things while others hold up things and taking payment. It starts with viewing at 10 and then start the auction at 11 am It can both make bids or be present and have bid on the items. Remember that it is on 10% of your bid amount in kind contribution. The auctions provide an opportunity to view the genuine locals who faithfully visit the auctions even if the auctions nowadays attracts visitors from a much larger area. Outside the auction, you can also buy hot dogs by Lasse from Urshult.