Horgeboda farm is originally an old guesthouse that has very old ancestry. The farm is located in connection with that road between Huseby and Ålshult, it so-called Holländarevägen, that had very big importance for older times' through traffic and from here goes on to the south to Blekinge's shipping ports. On Horgeboda guesthouse could traveling on the roads in old times be offered food, drinks and accommodation. It was given also possibilities to change horse for drives, there of the big carriage sheds available on the farm. On all guesthouses was it pictures on how long it there to next guesthouse as Torsås, Nöbbeled and Häradsbäck and to others differently bigger towns and places. The guesthouses had on this time monopolies on aquavit production and on Horgeboda Gästgiveri was extensive potato cellar and also an own distillery.

Current main building was behaved 1875 of Bengt Andersson, Bohult as also based Lönashults church. It is told about that the well-known artist Bengt Nordenberg from Jämshög in Blekinge used to stay the night here on its journey northwards. At one of these occasions painted he of the innkeeper Bengt Andersson. However, he had little for urgent and dripped picture before the dried whereupon it cracked. Picture is now to view in Lönashults church.
BengtAnderssonCGuesthouses came as from 1860-talet largely to be influenced of the railway network's expansion. New shooting stations were established at railway stations. Years 1879 was drawn officially Horgeboda in as guesthouse but the activity continued nevertheless until 1890-talet.

The domiciled on the farm fed themselves for a long time on agricultures. Population growth at the end of 1800-talet and beginning of 1900-talet done the difficult to supply itself on agricultures in these block rich lands and the big exodus to northern Germany and America begun.

A night in 1927 was on fire the village's old-time elementary school that low on the road against Ramnaberg down. Horgeboda farm transferred then the big ward on upstairs provisionally for education some years meanwhile one it “new” the old-time elementary school located just west of the main building been behaved 1928.

In the barn, rests of a very old milk machine are. From here delivered milk among other things to it “new” the school. During 1960s ceased however the active agriculture on the farm.

The farm is a family farm that now is may of 5: e the generation. During 1980 - and 1990-talen underwent the main building one careful characteristic of the period renovation where modern and practical in kitchens and bathrooms been combined with ward, chambers and bedrooms as been arranged in an older romanticism country style.

2013 was erected a nature - and culture path on the real estate in order to make visible and on an easy ways to create understanding for an amount differently interesting culture-historical tracks. Through easy storytelling signposts to be given the culture tracks sense, is put in a context and be linked to our current habitat.